Before you start editing, please read and remember these following guidelines:

  1. If a page is a fan-session page:
    • Categorize it as Category:Sessions.
    • Use the Template:SessionInfo template for your session information.
    • Categorize it as Category:[SessionName] (E.g. Category:Combostuck)
  2. If a page is a character:
    • Categorize it as Category:Character.
    • Categorize it with whatever session that character is in.
    • If it is a troll, Category:Troll, if it is a human, Category:Human, but if it's another type (robots, cherubs, etc), then do so.
    • If it is a troll, categorize it with its blood caste:
      • Category:Burgundy Bloods (if its blood color is like Aradia's)
      • Category:Bronze Bloods (if its blood color is like Tavros's)
      • Category:Gold Bloods (if the blood color is like Sollux's)
      • Category:Lime Bloods (if it's lime, you know, the extinct blood caste)
      • Category:Olive Bloods (if the blood color is like Nepeta's)
      • Category:Jade Bloods (if the blood color is like Kanaya's)
      • Category:Teal Bloods (if the blood color is like Terezi's)
      • Category:Cobalt Bloods (if the blood color is like Vriska's)
      • Category:Indigo Bloods (if the blood color is like Equius's)
      • Category:Purple Bloods(if the blood color is like Gamzee's)
      • Category:Violet Bloods (if the blood color is like Eridan's)
      • Category:Fuchsia Bloods (if the blood color is like Feferi's)
      • Category:Mutants Bloods (if the troll's a mutant)
      • Category:Other Bloods (if the blood color doesn't have a specific list like rainbow, black, white, etc.)
  3. Making another article for yourself is not allowed, just edit your user page itself.
  4. Add your user category for all your pages. (E.g. my pages will have Category:IAEJFPGforever)
  5. You may format your pages as you'd like (E.g. the same as the MSPA wiki, second person introduction info, etc)
  6. Only make articles for sessions, session players, fan-SBURB games and land names. Guardians, dancestors, ancestors, other locations, consorts, etc. are not allowed (unless they're part of a session, they're considered as just info in other pages).
  7. Be polite to everyone and respect their OCs. Even if it's terrible.
  8. Vandalism and trolling is not allowed.
  9. Have fun!

If anyone has questions just ask in the comments or in the message wall of the admins (I myself recommend message wall so can be notified)

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